Wolverines, #topchef, #ayto, #Thechallenge, And a Mockumendation Battle!


It’s Episode Forty-One of The Mockers Podcast and Eric is having a hard time deciding what his favorite Wolverine movie is (3:00) Is ‘Legion’ too weird for The Mockers to check out? (9:00) Eric begins an extensive stroll down Reality Avenue with a wrap up of MTV’s ‘Stranded’ (11:00) Why does Eric think about ‘Are You The One’ while he is showering? (14:00) The Champions return and someone pisses in their bed on this week’s Challenge (17:00) The ‘Top Chef’ finale provides high drama for everyone but Shirley’s mom (24:00) ’60 Days In’ returns with nine civilians and a new locale (28:00) For some reason Jamie HS went to see The Shack (36:00) It’s Sallie Ford vs. Old 97’s in an All Music Mockumendation Battle (41:00) The Indie Corner looks at some more lesbian zombies courtesy of Jave Galt-Miller (46:00) Thanks for listening and please enjoy all the great podcasts that are part of the Electronic Media Collective!