Watch Over Us

It’s Saturday afternoon and myself and Deano peppers are hanging out and drinking whiskey from the bottle. “Would you be interested in doing a movie review type thingy?” he says. “Actually, that sounds pretty cool” I respond, because that’s the kind of high brow conversations we have. Which is what leads me to this point in life.

As the first morsel to cut my teeth on, it falls to me to share my thoughts on the movie I was sent. Said movie is “Watch Over Us” , written, directed, shot and edited by F.C Rabbath.

The movie is set around the Randall family and begins with the patriarch of the family, John, going to a job interview after a long, and mostly unexplained, hiatus from the workplace. It doesn’t go particularly well, due to said hiatus, so John heads home briefly to tell his 2 daughters Becca and Eliza of his day then cops a strop at their lack of support and buggers off to a previously unmentioned internet date. While on his quest for romance, John is distracted by a Hot? Gothy chick who wanders past and causes the date he’s with to storm off in disgust.Fair enough I suppose.

John returns home to what appear to be recurring weird sounds and shakes around the house that are largely tolerated if not accepted by the family. This is where the set up for the premise of the film begins and you start to get the feel of a haunted house/ghostly presence type scenario.
The thing about those kinds of movies is that the whole format hinges on the building of a connection to the characters so that you care about the things that are happening to them, and this is something that for me was completely lacking in this movie.
Characters are introduced and removed with very little build up, leaving you uninterested in whats happening. Grandpa gets mentioned and apparently says no-one should go to the barn, because. A priest is called, has a chat with the family then makes his way to the barn, meets a presence, then promptly shits his cassock and buggers off without doing anything about it. It’s at this point that Grandpa finally turns up in person and reveals a deal that his fathers fathers fathers father made with some form of presence, and asks John to join the family business of sitting on your arse.

I don’t want to give away any more of the plot for those that want to watch this, so will sum up. The “scares” as far as they go are mostly audio based with strange sound effects and grimy industrial style atmospheric music supplied by Valentin Boomes. This is actually what I liked most about the movie in general. The performances are mostly stilted and awkward and none of the characters are particularly compelling or likeable.
If your new to the horror genre or a horror movie completionist, you may enjoy this flick. For me it seemed like a possibly interesting premise that failed to make an impact.

Captain J Spaulding