Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End

Before I go any further I should point out that if you haven’t seen the show “Todd and the Book of pure Evil”, this film wont make much sense. Even with the handy recap at the start, the final adventures of Todd Smith (Alex House) and friends will likely befuddle and bemuse. So…. Go watch that… Seriously! Todd and the book of pure evil is such a good TV show I didn’t know whether to watch it, or suck it off. Sadly despite picking up a number of awards and a dedicated fan base, this comedy, horror and sometimes musical television show featuring, sex crazed homunculus’, demonic cakes, wolf rape, giant mutant peninses, and satan worshipping pensioners, was unceremoniously cancelled after the season 2 finale, leaving the story without a satisfying conclusion.

Now after a 5 year wait (it’s last episode aired in 2012) the gang are back in “The End of the End”, a full length fan funded feature film which finishes off where the TV show ended.

You may have noticed the film is a little more animated than the TV show, that’s the major difference between the two, a concession for the smaller crowd funded budget, but that’s pretty much it. The original team are all back, Jason Mewes as Jimmy the Janitor, Chris Leavins as Atticus Murphy (the greatest bad guy of all time) Jenny, Curtis, Hannah… I’m glad to have them back. What if you haven’t seen the show, or need a little more convincing though?

The plot of the series revolves around Todd Smith, an average stoner school kid who is unfortunately linked in some way to the “Book of Pure Evil” an ancient text which grants wishes to all the outcasts needing help fitting in with high school society. In true monkeys paw fashion, the wishes are tainted in some way and it’s up the gang to fix things. Opposing him is Atticus Murphey, a sweater vest wearing school guidance councillor/satanic cult leader and the mysterious “Metal dudes”. Most episodes worked on the curse of the week storyline but the overall arc was that Todd, the person who swore to destroy the book was indeed the true pure evil one.

Taco Bong?

The film picks up almost directly after the shows ending with one of the team dead and Atticus banished to the book. From there we carry on as normal, the film is very much a couple of regular episodes stitched together, good episodes though.

I loved it, but I would say that, I was a big enough fan to contribute to the kickstarter and I got the humour, dildo nun chucks being one of the numerous in-jokes thrown in for people like me. The animation was good, while a little flat in places it was much better than I was expecting. From the stills it’s looks a lot like early 00’s flash animation, but there’s more movement to it, especially the final fight scene. The fact it wasn’t a live action film is the big disappointment, but it’s a satisfying conclusion.

Can I recommend watching it dry? Not really. I think the fact it opens with a musical number will lose most people straight away. Watch the TV show first, it’s undoubtable available on a few streaming services by now, tucked away with numerous other series cancelled way before their time.

Deano Peppers