The Mason Brothers

When the Mason Brothers latest bank heist goes wrong, we find out how thick their bond is in this dark tale of loyalty and betrayal.

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Opening in the aftermath of the botched operation the Mason Brothers: Ren Mason (Keith Sutliff), Jesse Mason (Brandon Pearson), and Orion Mason (Michael Whelan) are already one sibling down and looking for answers as to what went down. The brothers gang is completed by Gage (Matthew Webb) who seeing as he’s not part of the family is under suspicion from the outset, but he’s got questions of his own.

From opening titles you could be forgiven for thinking this was going to be a much bigger affair, sprawling shots of the city at night give way to dark claustrophobic warehouse sets where you feel like the actors were forever tripping over each other, and save for a handful of daytime scenes, that’s where the action remained. Playing out in a non linear timeline over the course of several days, we see the build & the fall out from the events, as well as the betrayal. But not the robbery itself, making this more a character study than an all out action film. Like a stage production it stayed condensed, focusing on the relationships and characters behind the criminal acts rather than showing them… Until it came to find out more information about who was responsible for the death of their brother of course, then we find out what they’re capable of.

I’m sure the comparison to Reservoir dogs will be made by a lot of people, with the failed bank heist and subsequent questioning/torturing of those responsible, a time line bouncing all over the place, telling the story from all different angles, there’s definitely a pinch of Tarantino in there. Maybe a bit too much at times though, the run time is maybe a little longer than needed and the film does seem to have a few too more threads than is necessary. A trim here and there would definitely make it a much tighter.

Keith Sutliff who as well as playing Ren Mason wrote and directed, this is his first full length feature and it’s a strong offering. Worth checking out for sure but you might need to turn up the contrast a little, these fellas don’t turn on too many lights.

It’s a dark story in more ways than one, these guys are deadly serious about saving on electricity