The Hosts

Rick Mancrush

Marc James

It was a cold winters night in Boston when Marc James was born into this world atop the pool table at Cheers. From the moment he sang out his first word “Norm!” the world knew the prophecy had been fulfilled. After turning down a scholarship to The Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Marc James attended broadcasting school to focus on the wonderful world of radio. With a degree in radio broadcasting proving to be about as valuable as a festering bucket of raccoon semen, Marc James took his talents and vast knowledge of useless information to the planet Radiotron to study under the Guru of Groove. Upon his return Marc James worked briefly for the Bartlet for America campaign before joining forces with mighty The Poop Culture Podcast, conveying his love of film, jambands, sports and all tings pop culture to the masses. It was then when he learned of his one true calling, bringing peace, love light and joy to the world, while we all wait for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Eric Mocker

Eric Mocker, born with a thirst for annoyance and sarcasm, knew from the day of his birth that he was given a gift to entertain, although sometimes it seemed only himself. He attended the College Of Crapsburgh, NY where he met his Brother in Arms Andy Mocker. Both men had the inkling to bring their talents to the masses, but also both suffered from an insufferable lack of motivation. Later the two would meet Coach Bobby Murdock and form the band Meet The Mockers.
Later Eric would re-meet former little league teammate Rick Mancrush at the School for Novice Soldiers where they both worked 2 hours a day in an 8 hour job. There they implemented a plan to form the Poop Culture Podcast. Both Initiating the first season and the subsequent reboot before departing with Andy under nefarious circumstances to form The Mockers Podcast.
Eric’s heart, still fond of his love for Poop and a desire to reunite with the newly minted Poop lineup threw a tumultuous tantrum and was somehow brought back into the mix.

Eric brings his love of all things Music, Movies, TV, Comics, etc to the show. Still adapting to life on a regular schedule Eric is a genuine wild card. A reckless piece of insanity with the bones of a nervous wreck you’ll never know what you will hear…the best bet? Tune In.