The Conjuring 2, MTV Challenge and Homework Galore.


The Mockers Podcast returns with a jam packed episode four (now a part of the EMC Podcast Network) as good friends Eric and Andy continue to amuse themselves and our loyal listeners with their witty banter. Eric and his posse check out an early morning showing of The Conjuring 2 and find someone who actually thinks the new cinema seats are uncomfortable (2:00) MTV’s The Challenge unleashes an epic episode that deserves an extended conversation (6:00) Does Eric’s studying pay off during The Weekly Sports Quiz? (14:00) The Trailer of the Week Segment takes a look at Hollywood’s latest shark movie, ‘The Shallows’ (20:00) Closed captioning proves key in this week’s discussion of ‘Preacher’ (23:00) The Weekly Mockumendations take a look at Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’ and ‘Creatures of the Night’ from KISS…were the boys happy or sad with their homework? (28:00) Dreadworld’s Dread-Mendation from last week’s episode also gets discussed but The Mockers can’t remember the name of the horror movie for the life of them (33:00) Finally, a quick question about the Smashing Pumpkins ‘Adore’ is answered by Andy (38:00) Thanks for listening and please leave a review and subscribe if you enjoyed this episode of The Mockers Podcast!​ Featured on EMC, WeBeGeeks and Tangent-Bound.