The Answer – What’s the question?

If this is “The Answer”, what is the question?

Strange things are afoot at the circle K. A young girl is being abducted & subjected to freaky probey scientific tests, her boyfriend murdered by the same mystery men, suddenly across town mail boy Bridd Cole (Austin Hebert) is apparently really good looking at numbers and stopping a line at the exact point when it’s moving super fast.

Bridd is amazing at qwop, the ladies love him for it

How are these incidents connected?

Well the aforementioned number geek Bridd has mysterious special abilities. Abilities that would likely have gotten him a diagnosis of some sort by now if he hadn’t been able to keep them hidden from everybody his entire life, including his “best friend”, who “barely knows who he is”. It becomes apparent his special skills are more than just numbers however after getting a literal face full of boob from equally mysterious & even more unexplainably talented Charlotte (Alexis Carra), it’s not just his kind eyes that she’s interested in surely?

After a snog, coffee & being attacked by space ninjas (They wear all black with glass helmets, say very little, carry fancy klingon style knives & move very quickly through the darkness, what else could they be?) Bridd spills his guts to Charlotte about everything, including the package he received earlier that day from his mum…. Who has been dead for 20 years.

Space ninja or member or a French Electronic act?

It’s a crazy mix of ideas for sure, but is it so crazy it’s good? Short answer… kinda.

The film moved at a fast pace, with such a short run time you might have thought writer/director Iqbal Ahmed was in a race to finish it. Really this meant you didn’t have time to get bored as every scene was in and out quickly. It was nice looking for the most part, only the special effects let it down and they were kept to a minimum so the majority of the movie looked good.

If there’s one thing “The Answer” is very wrong about however, it’s the characters. Leading lady Charlotte is lovely, but then she would be, she’s the epitome of a nymphomaniac manic pixie dream girl we all want. Not sure what she sees in Bridd however, he’s not dislikable in anyway, he’s just not particularly special. Aside from coming across as being an idiot savant/slightly autistic (the slightly autistic you get in movies where they think that affliction only makes you good at counting) you have to wonder what drew her to him in the first place, unless she’s “in” on everything… Spoiler?* this plus the characters abilities to deal with everything thrown at them with no real effort. Which would make sense if both were gifted?… Spoiler?* so there is a Deus ex machina working overtime to answer the questions before you have time to think them through.

Overall its a fairly well made slice of Science fiction, albeit very shallow of depth & lacking in flavour. Reminded me of the shows you’d get in the late 90’s, Sci-fi aimed at teens who’d been pulled into the scene unknowingly after watching a few episodes of Roswell & Buffy. Maybe it’d get a second season, but it’s not a certainty… Maybe if there was a swerve in the story.

Spoilers ahead! Or is it?

If Charlotte turned out to be gifted for the same reasons as Bridd or a double agent, that manic pixie girl with a mysterious loner background & lock picking skills act would have been justified. She is neither though.