Space…. the final frontier…. It’s a bit big. So big you need a bunch of title cards to explain how far we’ve come.

Scientists genetically modify human embryos

Human genetic modification is commercialised

Genetically modified babies have higher IQ’s, ideal physical traits blah blah blah

More stuff about how great they are

They go into space because earth is rubbish

A crew of impossibly good looking residents of uncanny valley, the “GC Humans” (Glen Crest labs being the creators of the genetically modified super humans) awaken from a deep space trip across the galaxy to investigate an issue with a cargo ship. But how will the flawless crew of the Teleios react to the chaotic situation that awaits them? A ship full of murdered crew members with only 1 inferior human survivor and 1 Art(ifical intelligence) unit with modified additional input slot, left on-board.

Disappointed to see in the world of the future, bad dye jobs still exist

Despite it’s deep space setting, the story plays out in the very confined quarters and corridors of the ships. The occasional establishing shots of space ships orbiting planets really the only evidence that this is an outer worldly adventure. The GC Humans over time develop flaws and their slowly deteriorating mental states reduces their perfect human personas into the generic horror characters. The good looking team captain, the “virgin”, the angry jock, the horny teenagers. Set it in a more down to earth setting and you’ve got a run of the mill horror, but with the added sci-fi element it draws it out into a story that makes you think… A little bit…. Not a lot though.

The film plays out like an episode of Star Trek the next generation, but without Jean Luc, Riker, Geordie or even a Wesley Crusher it’s lacking in relatable characters. The genetically modified humans just aren’t likable. Boasting about being superior to normie humans in the opening scenes means I’m only going to revel in your smugness getting smashed down your throat later down the line. The only actual humans in the piece are one rich fella who’s in charge of the GC’s, and one mentally unstable engineer who does a side business fixing hairy vaginas onto service robots…   If this was a tv show that played out the story slowly over the course of several episodes, they could delve more into the characters and flesh out the universe more.

Speaking of flesh the bodies inside the suits were perfect, genetically modified to perfection these actors were perfect for the roles. Their cold unemotional, occasionally wooden delivery worked for the roles. The films set design matched the actors polished looks, curved and angled in the right places, lovely to look at if lacking in depth.

Styling squad goals

As someone who grew up watching sci-fi where there was a lot more talking and a lot less action, I enjoyed it, but to a point. Teleios would have definitely would have worked better if it was a pilot episode of an ongoing series than a stand alone story.