Sode 79- Zero Or None At All featuring WWE Superstar JTG


WWE superstar JTG joins us to talk about his new book “Damn! Why Did I Write This Book Too”. Also, a quick conversation about being dragged into couple’s arguments. This week, it’s Milly’s turn to name his banned song while attempting to honor his no cursing punishment. A voicemail from Rob from Random Ramblings w/ Rob helps determine this week’s battles. This week’s Hollywood Bowl is between Will Farrell and Jim Carrey for the Wacky Bowl. Billy Blanks takes on Steven Seagal in this week’s bonus battle. Tensions rise among the JNT Baggers as we revisit last week’s sexy street fight and find a Steve Harvey styled technicality leading to Paula Patton being up against last week’s true winner. Things surprisingly get a bit serious this week as disagreements, collusion, and hubris threaten the bond between long time friends.

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