Sleazy Pete

In this proto apocalyptic world there is only one thing worse than menthol cigarettes and that’s Sleazy Pete. A man of God who as well as having a love of dog collars and the bible, also quite likes money & power. He’s the head honcho in town because his supply is the best, but now the mysterious “Shepherd” is cracking down on the wrongdoers and Pete might be next on his hit list.

This short film is a proof of concept based on Glockbusters previous short, a fake grindhouse style trailer “Shepherd of Death”. It’s violent, offensive and contains gory special effects that would fit right in with cheap 80’s trash schlock action horror films. The look, sound and feel of the entire short is grimy and just watching it made me feel sticky.

Unfortunately the film has the slight downside of it only being a glimpse into this world. Sleazy Pete, The Shepherd, Hedix, the Doctor & the various supporting characters have a lot more to offer. This is like a quick hit of God flakes that leaves you craving more, so consider me a pusher. Highly recommended viewing.

Full details on a release date are yet to be confirmed, but keep an eye on the Glockbuster films website to stay informed. Hopefully you can catch it at a festival near you soon.