S2 E13 – Summer of ’89 Video Games


Dimitri & Alex were invited by the Poop Culture podcast onto their glorious retreat at the 80’s Utopia Island to discuss the video games in the summer of ’89! Hear about the entire year of 1989 and how video games lived through, born in, or hyped up during that time frame! This episode is actually a portion of a large PCEU event where each podcast in the Poop Culture Extended Universe will be tackling a different topic that occurs during this time period (In 80’s Utopia Island fashion).

Segment this week, is the Boondoggle Bests!

Music featured this week by decorated veteran and musician John Preston titled Superman Falls, including John Preston’s Story (https://www.americangrit.com/2017/02/22/superman-falls-john-preston-life-loss/)

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