S2 E05 – #SocialMedia


Dimitri & Alex discuss the entirity of social media. Our growth from the tackiest MySpace wall to an invasive Facebook games, quizzes, and interface, a pro’s and con’s list of a Twitter feed, and even evaluating the use of Reddit and Tumblr communities! We tear apart how cringy old posts can be and what we have started to use social media for now compared to what trends society follows. Alex tells Facebook horror stories and Dimitri gives his most honest two cents he ever has on the communities behind the sites. Then, in the end, we run a list from best to worse. #LetsDoIt
Segment this week, we build our own social, The Bell, media that fits The Boondoggle needs.
Music featured this week is brought to you from In My Car titled Being Like This (https://inmycar.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-the-glovebox-iv)