S2 E04 – Nothing but the Truth


Dimitri & Alex discuss the concept of lying and situations where telling the truth might be harder, but in the end is better. Everything from finding someone attractive, letting someone down easy, movies lying about themselves, and taking advantage over sportsmanship. Dimitri has a change of opinion on Master of None and Alex tells a story about a habitual liar that he knew. The guys tackle if changing opinions constantly or being overly humble counts as lying, and is there a tie between lying, cheating, and stealing. Can your farts and go to Arby’s, its The Boondoggle!
Segments this week include the first ever Viewer Questions! We answer them all!
Music featured this week is brought to you by MrFunkman, a man who brings us the funkiest, grooviest, and most bodacious slapbass you’ll hear on any podcast! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuhmM2rS5Z8)