RIP Scott Weiland – Our Top Scott Weiland Songs Part 2

I woke up this Morning on the couch to the Today Show announcing the news of a fallen 90’s rocker.  I opened my eyes, but couldn’t make it out.  Soon I learned it was Scott Weiland.  Like Rick and the rest of the world I wasn’t surprised at his passing.  His long battle with addiction is something I empathize with strongly as a recovering addict myself.  Today with the rest of the fandom we will celebrate the life of Scott Weiland.
1.  Sex Type Thing

Also, like Rick this was my first exposure on 93.3 Z-Rock.  I remember leaning over and scribbling the name of the band down as that was my Nostradamus moment of predicating that this band would become something (I still feel I discovered STP).  Plush followed shortly, and while a bigger hit, I never thought it lived up to the rawness of this Brendan O’Brien produced track.
2.  Big Empty

I sang this song…a lot.  I recall it getting released prior to Purple since it was released on The Crow soundtrack as well.  I was glad it was chosen to be included alongside what I think is Stone Temple Pilot’s finest moment.
3.  Crackerman

This is actually my favorite STP song.  An underrated gem at the end of a great debut record.  This Unplugged version shows how well the band really shows the chemistry of the Deleo brothers.
4.  Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart

At this point I was getting tired of the side turn I had taken into grunge and was getting right back to my roots in glam rock.  It just so happened that at the same time Weiland began showcasing his love of Bowie and glam.  The voice began to change and I just really dug the vibe of this song.
5.  Loving The Alien

I freaking love this track off Contraband.  The beginning lick, a play on Sweet Child of Mine, is delicious ear candy as Slash lays down a beautiful solo as well.  This video is not an official video but nearly made the Boobie shed a tear of what will never be.
RIP Mr. Weiland.  May you find your peace wherever it may be.