RIP Scott Weiland – Our Top Scott Weiland Songs Part 1

RIP Scott Weiland 1967-2015

When my wife Ginger woke me up this morning, the first words out of her mouth to me were “Did you hear Scott Weiland died”?! While still in a state of slumber, it didn’t really register until I grabbed my phone, and I was greeted by 2 messages from the Boobie brothers around 7am both regarding Weiland untimely demise. While I wasn’t shocked that Weiland died before his time, I did began to immediately reminisce about listening to STP growing up as a grunge wannabe living in the NY suburbs – far from the epicenter in the Northwest (even though STP and Weiland hailed from California).

As I drove to work, I started to play back all my old favorites in my head. I picked up Spotify a few times, but I had a hard time deciding exactly what Weiland songs I wanted to jam out to. So instead of selecting a song, I did the drive in total silence as I scoured my aging brain for the songs that I really liked the most. Since trying to figure out which the “best” songs were, I figured that the first 5 songs that came to my mind were the ones that stuck with me the most. Here are those 5…

Creep – “I’m half the man I used to be”

First song that popped in my head. I should have put the version from Unplugged, but I didn’t even remember the official video for this song. Most fans will remember Weiland leaning forward in his rocking chair performing this song on unplugged as he sincerely declared that he’s “half the man he used to be”. I recall plowing through the Core album on repeat for hours as I hung out in my room, and all of the songs were so awesome from Core that they would blend into one. However, each time Creep came on, it played as it’s own song.

“All’s I gots is time”, definitely had no meaning and was clearly just a rhyme. Like much of the lyrics from this album, they didn’t make sense to me and they were disjointed from the other verses (especially as a teenager). But lines like “Friends don’t mean a thing, guess I’ll leave it up to me” were pretty powerful.

Plush – “Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow”

Before I begin, seriously screw the ads on YouTube! I’m trying to listen to some awesome songs, and I’m bombarded with hair care products!? I remember when this song came out that a lot of critics were dubbing this as a Pearl Jam rip off, which I found to be totally naive. Once again, the first image that came to mind was Weiland in his rocking chair hauntingly echoing the words “so where you going till tomorrow” from Unplugged.

Like Creep, Weiland again wails about time and how he has “time to wait for tomorrow”, which is pretty eerie to listen to on a day when Scott lays in eternal slumber.

Sex Type Thing – “Here I come, I come, I come”

This is the first song I ever heard by STP and I was instantly hooked and knew these guys were going to be big. The vocals were harsh and the lyrics were equally intense. I’m pretty sure everyone knew what was on his mind!

Being a big fan of video production, this was the first song I ever used to make a music video to on the ol’ VHS-VHS editor. My video didn’t make any sense whatsoever at the time, since it was “Sex Type Thing” dropped on a skateboard wipe out video. However, I did get an A on the project.

Question…Is it “Here I come” or “Here I cum”?

Falling to Pieces – “Fell to pieces and I’m still falling”

Fast forward nearly 10 years to find me in the big sandbox in the Middle East, and Scott Weiland singing for Velvet Revolver. I remember hearing about this “super group” being put together with guys from Guns and Roses (Slash, Duff, and Matt Sorum) and I was heavily anticipating the album during my deployment. The album Contraband dropped in June of 2004, but I was unable to get a copy until like July or so (there were no Sam Goody’s in Iraq). Once I got the album, I played a bunch and I really liked the overall sound. What more could you want, it was Stone Temple Roses…or Guns and Pilots.

Obviously, this song was directly related to Weiland’s battle with drugs and his torn relationships because of it. At times during a deployment, you feel like your falling to pieces, and this song did resonate with me while in Iraq. Gut wrenching lyrics, and awesome Slash riffs.

Minus all of the crazy strippers and partying in this video, Weiland shows the scary side of his addiction. You literally see him use drugs, pass out on the bathroom floor, vomit, act like an asshole, get choked out by Duff, and then rebound back to his woman. Sadly, this unfortunate circle of life never ended for him (or so it seems until the toxicology report comes out).

Big Empty -“Time to take a ride, it leaves today”


Big Empty was on The Crow soundtrack, and that was one of my favorite movies back then (and still is). When I thought of this song, it made me immediately think of Brandon Lee and his untimely death during the filming of The Crow. It’s amazing how there are songs that give you rapid recall and make you think of something. Sometimes it’s associated with the song, sometimes it’s not, but it’s still pretty crazy. How is it that I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast, but I’ll remember the exact moment I heard a certain song down to the most minute detail?