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This week on the show we find out who the 4 Horsemen of the Pooocalypse really are & the guys decide that Eric needs to take a shot (in the mouth) of the ole vitamin “D”. Then we get a medical minute with Shawbag6. Rick has found an epic ebay VHS listing. What would you do if you caught someone having sex with your….horse? We reminisce about all the stories we have had about people making sweet, sweet love to intimidate objects…before getting to some new ones. Nothing good ever happens in Florida as a woman agrees to give a cop a BJ for 25 bucks and what?! We found a video that has surfaced of a Pimp beating the Bishop in church…literally! How many acts of contrition do you have to do for that and can you just use the iPriest App? Then Shawbag6 discovers a new ninja action star at a Jack In The Box. Was the farce that fooled a TV station by the Found Footage Festival, fair or foul? Someone is trying to pull one over on Coke by saying they drank a dead mouse, but Eric Mocker knows first hand that body parts dissolve in Coke! Eric also finds proof that big brother listens to him! In this weeks Hot Tickets items, Rick Mancrush and the struggles of being a J-E-T-E fan! Eric thinks that Marvel and DC put out to many comics each month, is he right and just what is the best way to deal with foot-draggers? We all agree we hate monotone singers…and does Rick have a new hit single in the works?
Eric Has some Breaking News about Drake’s latest scandal and baby mama drama. Rick then points out the irony of how a$$hole teachers make a$$hole students and the cycle never ends. Then we deliver our Flix-Picks! We dive deep into the bowels of Netflix to hand pick our favorite movies!!