Poop Culture – William Kat


Believe it or not, I’m walkin’ on air because The Poop Culture Podcast is back in action and this week my Fellow Poopers! AND, we are joined by the Greatest American Hero – William Katt!
Breaking News: Will we see a Katt for President run in 2020? Stat Wars fans…Did you know that William twas almost Luke Skywalker? Did William really spend 2 weeks straight soaked in blood on the set of Carrie? Marc James has a few new uses for socks. Mr. Katt drops some acting knowledge on Rick Mancrush, Jay Biglove and Marc James! We talk about The Stage, The Silver Screen and The Tube! Where does he likes to apply his craft best?
We talk making the switch early on from theater to film to tv and his initial reluctance for television. Will Marc ever get respect for his theater awards? (William thinks not!). Go Prehistoric as we discuss
Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend! From the sounds of it, it was a dangerous kids movie! And no show would be complete with out deadly Crocs! Deadly Crocs, dangerous childrens’ movies?! What?!
What about thoes 2 Greatest American Hero movies? Will we see a Greatest American Hero Fox remake series? Hear why William Katt didn’t like the costume, and what the hell was the Greatest American Hero symbol anyway?
William talks about his on/off screen relationship with Bob