Poop Culture – Why is Rick so angry?


EP77: We review ‘Power Rangers’, was it better than Transformers? Eric give us a super spoiler review of ‘Life with Ryan Reynolds’…kinda. Don’t miss the announcement of the VHSBL (VHS Battle League) and how you can join in on the fun! Do we get to some Hot Tickets this week? Yeah No! Rick Mancrush boils over on a plethora of things that get him upset. We also hear an epic Poop Line phone call from a celeb trying to sell us something!
In Poop New this week we find out the winner of the Rotten Sneaker Contest and there are snakes on a plane in New Zealand! A woman gets locked up for playing Ed Sheeran and Marc James finds some Kiss memorabilia for Eric Mocker. We find out you can sell your virginity online but cannot have a vanity plate that says Grabher. Someone has found a way to stop toilet paper theft and is it a good idea to scam the police? Then stick around to find out what the Russian travel ministry deems inappropriate when traveling abroad. And the lunacy doesn’t end until a teacher decides to smile for her mugshot. All this week, on The Poop Culture podcast!