Poop Culture – Who Farted?


For the 80th episode of The Poop Culture Podcast Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Shawbag6 welcome friend of the show and host of the “Beaucepus Broadcast”, Beau Becraft to the show! The guys dive right in with retractions to 13 Reasons Why on Netflix! Who were most hated & liked in the cast! Marc James has a Hot Ticket about Beats Headphones! Come see us at ComiConn June 10th &11th & will Marc James get his hair cut from Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, listen and find out! Does a Shaman really bless the seamen spilled in the hotel rooms at the Foxwoods? How can you help Eric Mocker stay in the lap of luxury? Then over in Poop News this week we hear a story about porn interrupting a tennis match. Rick and Shawbag take us all on a “Call of Dooty” with another great story from the enlisted. Beau shares how he got “Sexiled” and just what do you do with a smelly hooker? Promposals and gender reveals, whats with this BS? A woman has the mother of all crappy days, and we only make it worse! A Utah man who run one of the last VHS rental stores, Is it a trove of Mormon porn? Now you can buy your religious Cheetos artifacts on eBay and will WWIII Start on May 13th? Also, what is the Timothy Burroughs drinking challenge and how did it start? Then the boys dive into some crazy Amazon reviews that they come across! Finally, the boys dig deep into Mancrush’s gigantic DVD collection and put together 3 pooplibs on a limb! All this week, on The Poop Culture podcast!