Poop Culture – VHSBL Round 1


On episode 79 of The Poop Culture Podcast Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Shawbag6 get down and dirty with a giant Poop News Dump. First though, we break the news that you can come visit us at our very own booth at ComiConn June 10th & 11th at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. What is the worst thing you have ever done at a party? Rick and the guys share their stories of flushing foreign objects down the toilet and crowd control with Fake party passwords. We touch on The Psychic Friends Network, WCW Hotline and other 1900 numbers. You will hear chilling stories of Passing out in the snow and freezing someones shoes and when parties get out of hand. Poop News starts off with a series of questions to ponder. Do you really want Poop Culture to throw a birthday party for your 3 year old? Would Walter White clean a car filled with liquid shit? Would you change your last name for $880per month and just who would mistake a Crocodile for a person? Have you ever wanted to punch your manager in the face..we found a guy who did..on his 1st day! Then its story-time with master bullsh!t artist Rick Mancrush. Marc James tell us what the Konami Code and Canada have in common and a Rub & Tug in Texas gets backed up and busted! Was the crunchy bits in your Fresh Express salad decomposed bat? Do you let gadgets run your home? Then you better listen in to our final news story!
Then, we get to round one of the long awaited VHS Battle League! The boys went on their own separate scavenger hunts to find this weeks 2 VHS treasures to bring into the gauntlet! In week one, the boys take on the infamous hosts of the “So I Married A Movie Geek” podcast for VHS supremacy! Listen in and find out what gems they unearthed from the bowels of society, and make sure to vote for them @VHSBattleLeague on Twitter!