Poop Culture – US Festival 1982


What a long strange trip it’s been Fellow Poopers! Jump in the Shaggin’ Wagon and take a trip with Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Jay Biglove and Eric Mocker! Glenn Aveni, noted director, writer, historian and all around powerhouse joins the stall to talk about his new documentary on the only officially authorized documentary on the US Festival held on Labor Day in 1982. This legendary concert featured such bands as The Ramones, The B-52’s, Talking Heads, The Police, The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac and The Cars.
Find out the story behind the show and how Steve Wozniak, with the help of the legendary Bill Graham put on one of the greatest shows ever!
Glenn tells tales about The Ramones, Van Halen, Tom Petty, and many more. Just what happened behind the scenes of a show that was the anti-Woodstock? Glenn reaches out to the Poop Culture Nation to help finish off his Kickstarter you can help make this feature come to fruition at kickstarter.com/projects/19000… Sit back and enjoy his chat with the Poopers and then make a pledge to Glenn. All this on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network.