Poop Culture – Talks from the Stall


EP84 We’re paid a visit by two masters of their craft. First off, Mike Tully from The Jason Ellis Show on Sirius/XM stops by to talk. Then our friend Brandon Hardesty lead singer & song writer extraordinaire from the hit band Bumpin Uglies calls in to give us a sneak peek of some new songs and to fill us in on their tour and whats to come from the band! To start things off the guys talk to Tully about waking and the prep that goes into a show.
There are two Mike Tully’s? We touch on “The Woodsman” a film that he wrote and starred in. Mike Tully never watched 80’s Action films but he does tell us about the time he got to hang out with Dolph Lundgren, and then he share with us what some of his favorite films are. What was it really like being an Oxford man, and how he introduced “poo dollar” to England. Then we jump into the Jason Ellis show and Mike’s role on the program and his interest in action sports and why he loves female MMA fighters. “Dude, am I a Slut?” “Dude Am I Gay?” – What are the secret origins of these timeless bits from the Jason Ellis Show. We talk about what it is like being an author and writing two books about his co-host Jason Ellis. What is he currently writing now and what is it like to host his own show now? Finally we get into his day with his band National Velvet and a story about crying strippers!
Next up iBrandon Hardesty steps back into the stall for the second time and tells us all about touring with Passafire & Ballyhoo, updates on the new album, his love for Amy Whinehouse and the Beatles, and how rockstars make up with their wives. To top things off, Brandon once again blows us away with an acoustic rendition of previously unreleased “Crazy”. Bumpin Uglies fans will love this previously unreleased track! And for those that don’t know the Bumpin Uglies, prepare to be wowed!