Poop Culture – Scream Queen Dee Wallace


On this very special episode of the Poop Culture Podcast we get a visit from one of the most epic on screen mothers ever! The woman to put the “Queen” in Scream Queen, the Emmy nominated, delightful Dee Wallace!
She tells us about the Emmy nomination and what it is like being a mom on set. We get a quick story about Drew Barrymore showing her heart light on the set of E.T. Then Dee speaks about all the legends she has shared the silver screen with, and her upcoming new role in Death House! Dee talks about what it’s like to work with her daughter Gabrielle, and we get into the method of acting with a true master of the craft.
Dee and the Boys touch on a few of her iconic roles – ET, The Frighteners, Cujo, Critters, and The Hills Have Eyes. But, then we also chat about Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Death House, Just Add Magic, Hansel & Gretel and more. Then, Dee weighs in on who was smarter Lassie or Cujo, and her thoughts on the Screen Queen moniker. Just what gets Dee Wallace off? What makes a horror movie? Then, we all agree that Hollywood needs to start being innovative and stop with the re-makes! We learn why Dee Wallace was the only real life victim of Cujo and Dee’s memories on working with epic directors Peter Jackson, Wes Craven and Steven Spielberg, Don’t miss Dee tell us her stunning take on Aliens and if she thinks ET would have worked if he was CGI. Not only is Dee a Queen of the screen but she is an author, product inventor and motivational guru!
Dee thinks she has the cure for all of Jay Bigloves’ negativity and how it is never to late to retrain your brain. Holy Krites, this stuffed episode will still leave you Howling for more!