Poop Culture – Reel Big Fish


This week Fellow Poopers, the boys are back! Rick Mancrush, Jay Biglove and Marc James start off the holiday season with a little Christmas… Johnny Christmas from the legendary ska band Reel Big Fish!
Johnny takes some time to talk to us backstage before their show at The National in Richmond, Virginia! This band has been hitting the pavement for over 25 Ska-licious years! So long in fact, the band still has a MySpace page! Get the inside scoop of the secret of their longevity.
Just what is Ska exactly? Johnny tell us about all the crazy places the band has rocked the stage over the years, some good and some bad and the worst is right in Poop Cultures’ backyard! What does the band like to do to fill their days while on the road? What the crowds are like at a Reel Big Fish show? We finally get the low down on proper poop etiquette when on the tour bus. We discuss cover songs and Johnny tells us the stories behind some of Reel Big Fish’s best songs! Will get get to hear more Christmas music from Reel Big Fish, and how about a cover of the Poop Culture Theme Song?