Poop Culture – Poop or Pop Fad Showdown


The sign says Vacant, so come on in! Its episode 83 of The one and only, Poop Culture Podcast! On this episode we are joined by friend of the program Alex from The Boondoggle Podcast! There is no better way to welcome Alex to Poop Culture than to expose him to the art of Docking. To start things off Rick “F’n” Mancrush and Alex go over the art of the proper use of our favorite “F” word. What did the gang think of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and what do you do when the group your with does want to stay for all of Marvel’s post credit sequences? In Poop News this week we “hear” about some great sounding tattoos and then we get into Farting With The…I mean, Dancing With The Stars. The guys bring you all the ripping(ass) highlights from the passing(gas) seasons of the show as we talk about the best ones that slipped out. Was it a fart of a queef we analyze the tape, for science. After a Man gets arrested at Taco Bell we ponder, what does the restaurant you get arrested at say about you? What was Jarred really eating at subway? Alex tells us about a man who shoot a squirrel with a bow & arrow for “giving him a look”. Then Special guest Chris Seaver shares his vision for a retro hangout “It Crept From the 80’s” in Rochester NY. Learn how you can help make it all happen! How much fun does something called the “Saturday Morning Sleepover” sound to you? Classic Cartoons & Cereal …we are sold! We get into the love for 80’s nostalgia with Chris then shoot him some rapid fire 80’s questions to test his 80’s knowledge. Marc James and Chris find out they share a love for the “V” and what year will Chris pick for our next episode from the1980’s Utopia Island? Tune in to find out!
Then the gang face off in a showdown of the ages to decide just what popular fads sucked us all in (only to be unceremoniously flushed down the toilet). Then stick around for a retro poop lib that you just might be looking for in a store nearest you!