Poop Culture – Poop News Dump


It’s episode 69 of everybody’s favorite show, The Poop Culture Podcast and this week Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Eric Mocker go at each-other heads over tails in an all Poop News Special!
The Trio of Tripe this week start off with some Super Bowl news and talk about the debut of “Fake Spike” A New NY Jets Podcast on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network! We hear about a teacher who got caught flashing her “whoo-ha” and where does Tom Berenger rank on the newly minted PCCC (Poop Culture Cock Chart)? Hear the unbelievable story about two porn stars who made a “sucky” Super Bowl bet? Did they write a check their mouth cant cash? Find out how you can get in on #jaysaladtoss !
A menage a trois of dick stories sees supermarket scanners, Canadian golden pucks stashed in the anus, sex in Bed Bath & Beyond, bad uses for a wedding ring and a HS Football prank fail.