Poop Culture – Passafire


Passafire’s music is incredibly “Submersible” and we get the inside scoop on the upcoming Passafire album. Is the band “Starting From Scratch” as they work on the new album? Mike discusses the creation of the live sound and how the band pleases “Everyone on Everynight”. What is a Passafire show is really like? We get the answer to the burning question, what the hell is a Melodica and can you get high from it? Jay Biglove really wants to know about 311, and stories from a road?! Find out who drank all the Beer in the Green Room, how the guys choose a setlist, and if Passafire will be in a city near you this October! Then October culminates for Hulaween with String Cheese Incident! Check out the bands hit song “Feel It” in this very episode! Check out the band at www.passafiretheband.com!