Poop Culture – Need a new job? Start here!


It’s that time once again for The Poop Culture Podcast to penetrate your ear-holes only to squirt out your butt-holes. This week the Trio of Tripe recap the fantasy football season and try to make sense of all the recent pop-culture icons that have passed.
Rick Mancrush, Jay Biglove and Marc James take to the mics and fill you with your weekly dose of Poop News. The guys explain why you should always hide your cell phone from your kids and why being able to pay with a fingerprint is not a great idea. Should you buy Pot Pants for your toddler? Rick Mancrush recalls a major party foul at a company Christmas party! Would you go to a masturbation bar and is a bukkake bar on the horizon?
Our first showdown of 2017! People are always pining for new jobs, especially around the holidays! So whether you want to change careers or find out how to make a few extra bucks, the fellas present their top 12 most bizarre jobs that you probably never considered! Can you smell? Can you swim? Are you fearless? If so, we probably found something you’d be interested in!