Poop Culture – Michael Myers himself..Tyler Mane!


Our Month of Fear continues with someone who has given us some of the most menacing characters ever put on film. From battling Wolverine as Sabretooth or killing absolutely everyone in his path as Micheal Myers. Tyler Mane has frightened us, made us cheer and most importantly entertained us! We have him on this very episode, so sit back and enjoy the ride.
Tyler gives us his take on the creepy clown epidemic, gets to tell us about his days in WCW and training with Stu Hart in the infamous Dungeon. Who was the better Sabrertooth? We have our opinion and get to discuss that with the man who played him. What is Rob Zombie like on set as opposed to his on stage presence? What was it like to work behind the mask? Tyler then discusses his upcoming film Penance Lane and when we can expect to see that. We also touch on his performance in Devil May Call, which was one of the movies sent to us by our friends at Horrorpack.com! So stop wasting time looking for good movies to scare the pants off you, and let the pros send you hand picked flicks! Use the code poopculture, and get $3 off your order.