Poop Culture – May 1986


Take a trip back in time with us this week on The Poop Culture Podcast as we give you a totally rad May 1986 episode from the 1980’s Utopia Island. Back on the show this week is Beau Becraft from the “Beaucephus Broadcast”. The real Shawbag6 is out this week because of fake Eddie Vedder but we get to explore the secret origins of Beau! Should Poop Culture really do a live show from inside the bowels of chernobyl? 1986 was so cool….(how cool was it?) 1986 was so cool you could buy a stereo system with bananas and Chuck Norris the cause of a robbery! We talk Short Circuit and Racial insensitivity in the 1980’s, but the biggest injustice of them all was Sylvester Stallone’s “Cobra”.
Then we get into the real curse of “Poltergeist”. Bobby from “That’s so 90’s Pod” joins us via teleconference to talk some “Top Gun” and Rick Mancrush thinks the beach volleyball scene could have been an early Grinder ad! We debate what cool was in 1986, Eric Mocker thinks Bobby is all wrong about “Top Gun” and Marc James thinks “Hot Shots” was better than “Top Gun” The guys give their review of the Hudson Horror Fest and discuss that magical feeling you get when watching older movies in a theater and having nostalgia all over your face, neck and chest. Rick gives us a review of “No Retreat No Surrender”, and we wish we could retreat and surrender!
Its true, douche-bag fat kids and karate don’t mix well and in 1986 you could send your kids to Ninja Camp! In May of 1986 they finally put “Scooby-Doo” to sleep. Was bringing back cartoons 25 years later a good idea and how long was “Jem” in the theaters for? Find out who on the show was really into watching “Dallas” re-runs! The Late Night Wars heat up as Joan Rivers starts on Fox and Johnny Carson was all butt-hurt! The guys get into “Miami Vice” and we finally get to the bottom of why girls asses were so long in the 80’s! Then we debrief you on the deadly statistics from Season 2 of “Miami Vice”! Then the gang dives into some May 86 Sports, a couple of totally lame products from May 86, and some of the best scatting you’ve heard since 5150!