Poop Culture – March 1987


Come aboard and sail away once again to the Poop Culture 1980’s Utopia Island! In this blast to the past Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Eric Mocker and Shawbag6 reminisce on the rad time that was March of 1987!
We start off your tour with a “being single in your 30’s” retro redux and look at how dating in 1987 compares to now, and Rick scoured the Earth to deliver us some 1987 Missed Connections by way of ‘Personals’! Was Ricky’s mom trying to pimp out Monique?
Speaking of what was on the boob tube in 1987 the team looks at the finale of another team, The A-Team, then we take a trip into Night Court and round it out by grabbing a few beers at Cheers! Shawbag6 has an epic battle with a bag of nuts, but not before we discuss the real showdown of the immortals – WrestleMania III!
Mancrush shares a tale of a sleep over gone pissy and thinks teen wolf is a basketball movie really about racism? Was Lethal Weapon really a Christmas movie? Make sure to check out the Hudson Horror Show coming up soon featuring Nightmare on Elm Street 3! What were the top singles of March 87? In the midst of all that nonsense, the guys have a small chat with Chris Hornbrook of Senses Fail about Robocop! And to round it all off, we deliver a special interview with Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat Magazine to discuss all things VHS….including some VHS PoopLibs! All this week on The Poop Culture Podcast!