Poop Culture – Maim That Tune


On the 88th installment from the Stall – Its all hands on deck as The Primitive Prognosticators of Poop: Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Eric Mocker, Shawbag6 and Beau Becraft take on a new game called “Maim That Tune”! Maim That Tune is a game where the gang finds deeper meaning in popular 1980’s song titles that could really be about taking a dump! Find out what songs you should be listening to “Time After Time” when you “Can’t Hardly Wait” to drop a “Heavy Duty“ “Big Log”! Is Eric Mocker a Scatman, and what exactly is a “Buffalo Stance”? Don’t Wonder “Should I Stay or Should I Go” because its just “Human Nature” and when it comes to this fun, flatulent and fact filled episode you will be “Lovin’ Every Minute of It”! Then stay tuned for the return of Poop News, which is filled with antics by way of West Virginia and Newark, New Jersey! How could you turn that down?!