Poop Culture – Lloyd Kaufman Redux


Who better to help us process the election results than the leader of the Free-k world himself, The President of Tromaville; Mr. Lloyd Kaufman!
We get expert analysis with a stress on the “anal – part” from Lloyd on the current state of politics in our country. What does a Trump win mean for Net Nutrality Laws and how that impacts the film industry, and outr very own Poop Culture Podcast! We talk about the new marijuana laws across the country and China’s impact of film makers.
Then we get to take a trip to Tromaville and get the inside dish on Return to Return to Nuke em High Vol 2 and how you can see it in a theater near you! Lloyd tells us about all the great Troma shows you can see on YouTube (For FREE) and on Troma Now. How can you be a part of Troma Films? Listen in and find out!