Poop Culture – Kickstarter Investmants


Welcome back my friends to the show that never remembers to flush, The Poop Culture Podcast! Tonight on the Round-Table of Rectum we spew forth our wish list of Christmas Gifts we never got as a child. Find out what were the secret childhood wishes of Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Jay Biglove and Eric Mocker!
In the spirit of giving we inquire into a few Kickstarter companies you may or may not want to invest in. Our picks include a product that can help you survive the Zombie Apocalypse. A well-backed company that helps you discreetly drink and drive, and an app game that merges the struggles of proper diet and anal sex.
In this week’s edition of Poop News we discuss punching kangaroos in the face. Why you don’t want to get caught using your new drinking and driving aid by the Canadian Police and finally someone else hates parades as much as we do! Marc James tells strange tales of someone whipping out his Piggly Wiggly on a family vacation. Check out all the latest updates on poopculture.com and Jay really does not want you to forget to sign-in with your Facebook account! We update everyone on the 1st Annual