Poop Culture – Jim Wynorski


In Poop News we learn about cunning convicts, fast food sex toys on the cheap that give “I’m Lovin’ It” a new meaning, and the irony of what is wrong with the internet.
Finally an answer to the question – “Do street performers live a rough life?” Jay chimes in on the Creepy Clown controversy, and advises the listeners with a serious PSA about hickeys. The guys debut a new segment called “Missed Connections” and try to reach out and help someone touch someone.
Also on this episode, the guys are joined by veteran filmmaker Jim Wynorski! Director of such hits as Chopping Mall, 976-Evil 2, Ghoulies 4, Deathstalker 2, The Lost Empire, Witches of Breastwick, Scared Topless and about 150 other movies! Jim tells us about his legendary sit down with Roger Corman, how being fired got him where he is, making movies, popping tops, people he loves to work with, someone he loathes, and all about the new special release of Chopping Mall on Bluray that fans will love. All this week on Poop Culture! Found exclusively on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network!