Poop Culture – January 1980


EP68: Broadcasting live on taped delay from the 80’s Utopia Island Studios… it’s the Poop Culture Podcast! This week, due to all the great feedback we got from the last few weeks. The guys set out to record the first in a new monthly series where we look back to the 80’s!
Where better to start than January of 1980! Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Eric Mocker take you through all the high-lights and low-lights of the start of a great decade! We talk the delights of divorce dramas, Jim Jones and Talia Shire moaning!
Eric fills us in on the history of BET and are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police the answer to terrorism? No 80’s show would be complete with out the WWF!
January of 1980 gave us three radical football bowls Rose, Sugar and Super! The LA Rams are back in LA and we reminisce about the best music, comics and tv shows all debuting that month. The decade just started but we can already see trends developing. You won’t believe the price of some of our favorite things and we look at the Atari and the wonders of early gaming. Plus we scrape up a special shout out to one of our loyal fans that you don’t want