Poop Culture – Hot ticket items


This week Fellow Poopers the Dingleberries take time away from their busy schedule opening up the 1980’s Utopia Island to channel their inner Buster Poindexter and bring you topics that are Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot Tickets that is. Rick Mancrush, Jay Biglove and Marc James discuss all the Hot Ticket items that are burning them up! Election whining on social media, Drivers who don’t use cruse control, Getting interrupted and People who call out from work..and lie about it! These are just a few that highlight this down and dirty discussion.
On this weeks edition of The Showdown the guys draft the worst of the worst all time sports busts! You wont believe who Jay Biglove picks with his first round pick! Could we be hearing the first ever Inception Bust?
A bust pick with in a bust draft!? Tune in to this one folks, you wont want to miss it!