Poop Culture – Greg Lamberson


Finally! We get the chance to sit down with cult movie director and novelist Greg Lamberson! Greg is the man who brought us Slime City, Slime City Massacre, Killer Rack, and so much more. Being that I thought Greg hated me, I brought some backup just in case! Along with Nick from Epic Film Guys, I also brought along new show staple Jason to watch my back. Turns out Lamberson is an awesome dude, he shares lots of cool stories and information about his movies, dishes out info on Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, tells us what’s in the slime, and busts Nick’s chops. Meanwhile, I try to convince Greg that it’s time for a Johnny Gruesome movie. If you want to see what he says, you’re going to have to listen and find out why Fangoria called this man the “hardest working man in horror”.