Poop Culture – Frank Shamrock


Welcome back into our very own octagon of ooze, the one and only Poop culture podcast. This week fellow poopers, in the main event we have the privilege to speak with Frank Shamrock! The fighter named “Fighter of the Decade” for the 1990s by the Wrestling Observer, “Best Full Contact Fighter” by Black Belt magazine, and three time “Fighter of the Year” by Full Contact Fighter Magazine. He was the First UFC Middleweight Champ, WEC Light heavyweight champ, Strikeforce middleweight champ and a member of the Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame!
Frank takes us down memory lane, and tells his amazingly unorthodox story that took him to the top of MMA. From foster homes, to Folsom Prison, Frank was spiraling in the wrong direction. Then one day, his foster father Bob Shamrock gave him two choices! Luckily, Frank picked the right one and never looked back! Frank takes us behind the scenes of his whole MMA career, and shares more than we could have ever hope. An inspiring story that needs to be heard!
Frank’s story also takes us from the Red Empire of Japan – all the way to Cannabis treatment! All the while giving us a lesson on why the UFC is facing a possible uncertain future, and why he chose not to take over Bellator. Frank dishes on Dana White but has tastier dishes on his latest endeavor bakeoff.tv. Blast this into your ears and dive into the mind of a champion in life.