Poop Culture – February 1985


Welcome to GIANT SIZED Poop Culture #2 – February 1985 Edition! Once again we take our monthly trip to the 1980’s Utopia Island to discuss a gnarly decade, the 80’s. Flip on the flux capacitor and take a trip with Rick Mancrush, Marc James and introducing the man we call Shawbag6! Sit in on the conversation as we lean into The Breakfast Club, Amish peeping toms and the confusion between 80’ sci-fi movies. Well its a little known fact…that Feb. ‘85 also gave us some great TV as well. We go to the place where everyone knows your name Cheers! Then find out that Theo got a “J” in geography. Just how redneck was The Dukes of Hazard? Grab a bowl of Count Chocula and a Jolt Cola for some Saturday morning cartoons as we give you just a taste of our conversation with Larry Kenney Voice of Lion-O from Thundercats! We also take a little off the top with a clip from our interview with Brutis “The Barber” Beefcake! Over in sports we have a million dollar signing and talk some NHL milestones and the USFL. What were our top toys from 1985? The guys take a look at the cost of some 80’s essentials and how much are they in 2017 dollars? Were the boobs in Playboy fake in 85? All of this and so much more in this jammed packed special episode of The Poop Culture Podcast on The Radio Misfits Podcast Network.