Poop Culture – F’d


It’s the end of the world! So Pack up the RV, get your Life Straw and Stockpile your porn! This week we talk with Ryan Gowland & Julia Wackenheim-Gimple – the creators and stars of the hit web series F’d!
First Julia talks to us about who would survive in a real life apocalypse, the horrors of surviving the end of the world with co-workers and the perils of being pregnant on set. Get the inside dish on season 2 of F’d and find out who from season 1 may be returning to the show! Oh, and maybe an inside scoop on The Walking Dead? Or not.
Then we get to talk to the man himself, actor/writer/butt sniffer of F’d
– Mr. Ryan Gowland. We talk about the reality of producing a web series and what we can expect in future episodes. The guys get a chance to wax philosophical about the secrets of Harry and the Hendersons and the real reason Kevin James is in the King of Queens! Don’t miss this episode fellow Poopers and don’t miss F’d The Series on FunnyorDie.com!