Poop Culture – F. Mary Kill


Its episode 78 of The Poop Culture Podcast and the guys say RIP to 3 legends Don Rickles, Paul O’Neil(not the Yankee) and the dead man himself The Undertaker. What was more disappointing WrestleManina or The Walking Dead finale? In Poop News this week we hear the irony of a xenophobic cam girl calling out couple for PDA and bad casting calls in Chinese cinema. Was a mermaid found in Fresno or was she just wet and smelled like a fish? Is there is no better way to say I love you then with a kiss from the brown eye? Was chuck berry an influence on R-Kelly in more ways than musically? Shawbag gets crop dusted at the gym & the intricacies of farting in public. A man gets fined for taking kid out of school to go to Disney, and we Enter “the cage cage” and try not to get burned by the wicker man. is Kevin James and Melissa McCarthy staring in a remake of dirty dancing? Movie night in Iraq = Havana nights! Then A late night trip to taco bell on horseback falls flat and a world record for stopping a fan with your tongue. In Missed Connections we find a Boston man who wants to lick a redcoat, and an impromptu meeting and production of west side story at a urinal. We then search for the time traveler dude, and is the best way to pick up a woman to sick your dog on her? Finally, we wrap it all up with a game Marc likes to call…F. Mary Kill?! Otherwise known to the rest of the planet as F@#k, Marry, Kill!