Poop Culture – Episode 50!


Here it is! Almost a year in the making…Episode 50! Incase you’ve missed some of the past 50 episodes, we’ve taken some of our favorite clips and included our commentary on the clip, which includes some of the key moments leading up. It’s an auditory gang bang assured to fill your earholes with plenty of great times in the show’s history.

Included in the episode, we have clips from: Daniel Baldwin, Lloyd Kaufman, Kevin Martin, Butch Patrick, Duddy B, and many others! We are also visited by a plethora of friends who are showing us love for our 50th.
Oh…and a new tune that’s bound to get stuck in your head! Tune in and check out our retrospective & memories from our last 50 episodes. Here’s to the next 50, and thanks for being apart of the Poop Culture podcast!