Poop Culture – Eddie Munster himself – Butch Patrick!


Here we go Boys and Ghouls with another chilling episode of The Poop Culture Podcast!
What does Orlano Bloom’s penis and airsoft have in common? Why are people Swimming in Dumpsters and Defecating in Elevators? Why do some countries cups runnith over? Are used BBW Panties all that they are cracked up to be? Can you have sex with a van? And, where was the crappiest traffic jam of all time? All of these questions answered and more, inside this episode!
Then we we have the privilege to sit down and get into this weeks Showdown with The Munster’s Eddie Munster, the one and only Butch Patrick! This weeks Showdown topic – Best Cult TV Shows! Butch shares with us his picks and tells us of his love for Monty Python, and he tells us what he thinks about the “Battle of the Buffys”! We also get to hear about the time he and Herman Munster stole the Munster Mobile and how you can get to see the hotrods from the show.
Strap in, call your Uncle Gill because this episode will make you howl for Classic Cult TV!