Poop Culture – Doomed! The story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four


Marty tells us of the struggles of making his documentary. Why The Fantastic Four never released and was there a hidden agenda in getting the film made in the first place. We all agree that despite the low budget, first rushed then stalled production that Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four is still a better movie for fans than the more recent remakes.
First though, listener Julie wants to know if there is Secret Origin to Jay Bigloves Secret Organ. In Poop News this week we take on the Dangers of Ikea, Tasteless Cos-Players, and was Sandy from Grease dead? Plus the Guys pitch a new reality show where they track and hunt down clowns.
Then Rick puts on his best Richard Dawson and tries to make a match in this weeks installment of Missed Connections. Where we hear stories of broken hearts and broken condoms. Are you looking to ride to get a free ride? Call us on the Poop-Line at 914-505-POOP