Poop Culture – Darkness Prevails


Okay kiddos, on this macabre episode of Talking Sh!t we serve you up a big ‘ole bowl of Creepy Pasta with Brenden Dean master raconteur! Brenden hails from the chilling YouTube Channel called – Darkness Prevails! With Jay Biglove out on assignment we are joined buy a voice from the past. Eric Mocker returns to Poop Culture. If that is not scary enough, Brenden Dean has some bone chilling stories to share!
First, The life of Marc James hangs in the balance as he attempts the Bloody Mary and Candyman challenge. It was nice to know him while we did…
We then get into some storytelling with Brenden as he tells three tales of Gingers and their lost Souls, ‘Pokemon Go’ Stalkers and wild beasts from the woods. Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Eric try their best to tell fact from fiction. Rick then shares his own spine chilling true story about the horrors of war. This one is not for the faint of heart….don’t listen alone (or at least check the backseat of your car before you get in).