Poop Culture – College Bowls That Suck


Oh Fuuuudge! Don’t shoot your eye out, because its time for another episode of the Poop Culture Podcast! This week on the Dias of Dung Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Jay Biglove and Eric Mocker ponder the wonders that is the Walrus Dildo and Jay Biglove finds a way to compare McDonalds to Glory Hole porn. In a magnum sized edition of Poop News we find out what the kids these days are doing in Ikea! We receive a gift from the ghost of Christmas Past in Bret Favre’s candy cane sized dick pick and the guys wax philosophical about why some people should not own guns. Then since it’s college bowl season, the guys do a mini-draft and attempt to select the worst college bowl games of all time. Tune in, check it out, and vote on who put together the worst bowl season!