Poop Culture – Chris Hornbrook


EP74: Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Eric Mocker and Shawbag6 pop their claws and discuss what they liked and did not like about Logan. Who did Chris Claremont originally want to play Wolverine in the movies, the answer is sure to surprise you. In Poop News this week we discover a sex doll brothel and bad parents who give their children horrible names! Uncle Mancrush sits us all down for a little story-time and Shawbag6 shares his recent romantic encounters. Then the boys get into this weeks Rants & Raves. Did someone actually steal a cat tiara and Charmed DVDs and just what exactly is a Chicago Taco? We hear about a nice guy who is desperately seeking someone in Buffalo and someone calls out vets for the wrong reason. Eric Mocker recounts the epic rants of a fed up Uber driver. Then The Sommeliers of Sewage give you the first Poop Culture Taste Test!
Afterward we are joined by Chris Hornbrook Drummer from the band Senses Fail, and formerly of the immensely underrated Poison the Well. Chris discusses starting out as a 12 year old, joining Poison the Well and touring at the age of 18, how Poison the Well drifted apart and what’s it’s really like to be in a band. Chris gives one of the most honest portrayals of the industry that the boys have ever heard. Check this episode out, and check out Chris and Senses Fail on the road!