Poop Culture – April 1984


We are back on the 1980’s Utopia Island for another great retro rampage, this time its April of 1984! Come with us as we look at an old story of a detective who splits more than his pie with his waitress. It could happen to you so, what would you do? What Hollywood couples made it and who did not? Starts off our questions about the movies of April 84! Are you Up The Creek? And What the F#@% are Robster Craws? Was Iceman a X-Men Movie or not? Then we jump threw the plateglass window that is Friday the 13th The Final Chapter! The guys wonder what day is it by the 4th movie as we try to decipher the timeline. We dive into the desolate dialog and what happened behind the camera. Find out why you will never see Crispin Glover on dancing with the stars! What the hell is a Bypass Patch Board anyway? Does Eric use the same “method acting” as Ted did and why does he love Freddy Vs Jason? We think Jason Voorhees could be the next FlexSeal spokesperson! What was your favorete kill scene, we give ours. Rick turns the page to look at Porn ads in newspapers from 1984. The 1984 Challenger space shuttle mission went a lot better then the one in 1986 did. There was nothing good on TV in April of 84, Happy Days was more like Happy “Daze” since they had already jumped the shark. Was Silver Spoons the exact opposite of Good Times, Marc James thinks so. Then Shawbag6 takes us into the wild world of sports from April of 84. Then Rick talks NFL draft, it wasn’t always as glamorous as modern times, and who was trashing ESPN’s 1984 coverage? Do you forget what games you were playing in the arcade in 1984? No worries, we run through the top arcade and home games! Just how much would you spend on a meg? If you were able to afford one in 1984, I bet you don’t want to know how much it was! Anyone remember writing code on a Commodore 64? What did one man prophesize about VHS and Beta in 1984? Finally, we might as well Jump to some jams before Rick drops a major April 84 downer. All this week, on a special Poop Culture podcast!