Poop Culture – A Man On A Mission


On this dynamic episode of The Poop Culture Podcast the gang of grunge reunite once again fresh off their excellent adventures at this years Terror Con! Hear Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Eric Mocker and Shawbag6 break down all the action from the weekend that was. Is Eric Mocker really ready to rumble? Rick fills us in on his plan to be front and center at The Walking Dead panel, and we think Shawbag6 has a fetish for face sitting. What Walking Dead big wig did the guys schmooze with and Eric rubs “elbows” with Ming Chen from Comic Book Men. The guys find a new measurement tool for the PCCC. Rick Mancrush reports breaking news when we find out someone actually ate a vegetable! Speaking of news the Poop Culture team dives head first into some Poop News. We bring you an exclusive interview with Noah Maloney, a man who is not only Canadian but is in a mission to eat Jason Segel! What is Subway’s Chicken really made of, and are people really practicing something called “Iron Crotch Kung Fu.”? We finally get to the bottom of just how much pee you are swimming in and do you need to take a class to be an adult? Then we do a double take when we draft our favorite dynamic duos on this weeks episode of The Showdown! Do we have a draft bust right out of the gate? What tantalizing team up would you take? Join in on the fun, flush-able, frenzy that is episode 73 of The Poop Culture Podcast brought to you by the Radio Misfits Podcast Network.